Alan Tillotson Ph.D., RH (AHG) is an incredible clinician, with a vast understanding of Ayurvedic as well as Chinese & Western herbal medicine. He has put  his wonderful book, The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook online. 

A non-profit organization that publishes America’s best herb journal for the layman – HerbalGram.  ABC provides many valuable services including responding to inaccurate and misleading reports about herbs in the media.

A non-profit educational project founded by herbalist Roy Upton, RH (AHG).  The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendiums are exceptionally well-done monographs on individual herbs, their history, identification, constituents, analysis, and therapeutics.

Aviva is an amazing herbalist and midwife who then went on to become a medical doctor.  She incorporates all of the compassion, humanity and knowledge she gained in many years of clinical practice into her current medical practice.  Aviva also offers an amazing distance learning program, Herbal Medicine for Women, that is I believe the finest course on this topic available.  Her book, Botanical Medicine for Women's Health (of which I contributed a chapter) is the definitive guide for the use of herbal medicine in treating women's illnesses.

One of America’s premier herbalists - this web site  is full of information about Christopher, his classes, his books, plus educational materials.

David's guide to herbs, his formulas and usage.

A research and consulting company which offers a range of services to the natural products industry including product development, manufacturing consulting, & product research.

Information on health, drugs and medical devices.

David Crow's company is a wonderful source of high quality and ethically produced essential oils, are far beyond what is normally found in the marketplace.  Through his company he offers a series of free and paid seminars, a free ebook on the healing power of essential oils and updates on his adventures around the world.  If you use essential oils in your practice or for home use, you owe it to yourself or your patients to use these absolutely wonderful oils and oil blends.

Gernot Katzer's spice page is a wealth of information on 117 herbs (spices), including their usage in ethnic cuisines, particularly in Asia, their history, chemical constituents, and the etymology of their names.

Good back-to-the-land people growing  high quality medicinal herbs and organic apples, providing inspiration for sound  living through books like The Herbalist’s Way and The Apple Grower.

Finnish herbalist Henriette Kress has done the herb world a great service.  Her web site provides information on many herbal topics, including a downloadable version of the classic King’s Dispensatory, 4300 plant pictures, and high quality articles.

Howie Brounstein’s informative website with articles, resources, and herb news.

Natural alternatives for women with health concerns such as menopause, osteoporosis, pregnancy, fertility issues, breast health and cancer prevention. Hundreds of woman-friendly links, a forum to share experiences and lots of information about Susun Weed (herbalist and author of women's health books) workshops, intensives, apprenticeships, and correspondence courses.

Founded in 1982 by David Winston Herbalist & Alchemist is one of the premier herb product companies in the United States with over 300  products including tinctures, glycerites, teas, capsules, solid extracts, and ointments, as well as David’s books and tapes. The company was founded to provide the highest quality herbal medicines for David’s patients and still carries on that tradition today by providing the highest quality herbal medicine for you, your family, or your patients.

Richo Czech is an exceptional herb grower, seedsman, herbalist, and author.  His book, Making Plant Medicine , is probably the best text on the topic and along with his series of books on growing herbs is an essential guide to guide those who wish to grow their own medicines. 

Ila Hatter is a walking encyclopedia on  the wild edible and medicinal plants of the southeastern U.S.  Her tapes and  DVD's are well crafted excursions into the  heart of the Smoky Mountains  exploring the uses of plants, along with traditional and Cherokee stories, cook  lore and the wisdom of her elders.  Her site also introduces you to her  cookbook, Banks, Medicinal Plants of the Cherokee (which she edited) and her  busy teaching schedule. 

Jim Duke, Ph.D. is a renowned plant researcher and ethnobotanist.  His website has links to his old USDA database, which is an exceptional resource, and articles and information about Jim's current classes and seminars.

Jim McDonald is a Michigan herbalist who, like me, is always interested in learning the uses of  little-known or underutilized herbs.  He has wonderful articles (look under the  heading of seeds and stems) on Purple Loosestrife, New England Aster, Apple,  Mullein, Calamus  plus recipes,  herbal insights and a nice collection of herbal  folklore from around the net.

Jonathan's clinic website is packed with infromation, as is OncoHerb, an additional site of his which provides informational and educational content on Botanical Medicine & Cancer and Herb-Drug Interaction. 

Founded by the Lloyd Brothers, the Lloyd Library is the world’s premier reference library on eclectic, botanical, and pharmaceutical medicine.

Paul Bergner’s site is a wealth of information on the clinical use of herbs.  Paul publishes the bi-monthly newsletter, Medical Herbalism, which is an exceptional resource for clinical herbalists. His site includes a downloadable Cook’s Physiomedical Dispensatory.

The late Michael Moore was the herbalist’s herbalist.  This site is as fascinating and complex as he was.  The amount of high quality information at this site is truly astounding-downloadable reprints of classic Eclectic, Thomsonian, and Physio-medical books, pharmacy journals, Ethnobotany titles, and much more.

One of America’s herbal elders, Michael’s website includes a downloadable version of Eli Jones’ book on cancer, a wealth of information about herbal medicine, Michael’s books, and his correspondence classes. 

Offering locally and sustainably grown seed that is hand harvested and packaged with compostable materials. 

Patricia Kyritsi Howell, RH (AHG) is one of the  southeast's most respected herbal practitioners and educators.  Her site gives information on her wonderful classes, herbal tours to Greece and her philosophy  and practice. 

Phyllis is an exceptional herbalist trained in traditional southeastern herbal medicine as well as having a strong grounding in western medicine and science.  Phyllis brings a unique perspective to her work as an herbalist and teacher and shares her delightful stories and southern cultural influences (Creek, Cherokee, southern folk medicine) and African/American medicine with those people fortunate enough to study with her.

Richters Herb Specialists is a wonderful source for common and obscure herb seeds and plants, as well as books, dried herbs, and more.  They also have articles to download and a group of experts who you can ask questions of about herbs and herb growing.

Sage Mountain was founded by Rosemary Gladstar, who I consider to be the godmother of modern American herbal medicine.  Rosemary is the rare person who is a visionary and has actually made her vision come true.  She has done this multiple times and in multiple ways with extraordinary grace, beauty, kindness and integrity.  I can only say that, whether you take her correspondence course, read her wonderful books, take classes, or go to one of the incredible conferences she puts on (Northeast Women's Herb Conference, International Herb Symposium) or one of her plant lover journeys, you will not be disappointed and will come away infused by Rosemary's spirit and the spirit of plants.

Peter Holmes' company Snow Lotus has some of the finest essential oils to be found anywhere.  The focus is quality and these products are far beyond what is normally found in the marketplace.  If you use essential oils in your practice of for home use, you owe it to yourself or your patients to use these absolutely wonderful oils and oil blends.

Steven Foster is a herbalist, lecturer,  prolific author and one of the great herb/plant photographers of our time.  His  website gives detailed descriptions of his work, books and contains excellent  downloadable monographs on 20 medicinal plants from a series published by Herbalgram some years ago. 

The AHG is the only professional organization of clinical herbalists in the United States.  It’s web site is a valuable resource for those looking for clinical herbalists in their local region, as well as information on the guild, how to become a member,  and educational resources.

An amazing source of herbal information, supplies, event listings, and just about everything herbal you might be looking for.

The Institute For Traditional Medicine and Preventive Health Care, Inc. (ITM) was founded by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D. and is an excellent source of educational materials, including hundreds of superb articles, as well as effective Chinese medicinal herb products.

Todd Caldecott, RH (AHG) is a Canadian clinician and educator whose website reflects his deep knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine as well as Western and Thomsonian herbal practice. 

Missed last year’s AHG Conference? Was there a lecture you wanted to hear but missed?  Tree Farm Communications provides a huge catalog of audio tapes of lectures on herbal medicine, nutrition, and alternative medicine.  They have more than 25 tapes by David Winston from classes taught throughout the United States during the past 15 years.

UpS is a non-profit organization founded by Rosemary Gladstar dedicated to preserving medicinal plant habitat and medicinal plants.  They publish a wonderful journal and provide an important and necessary service not only to the herbal community but to the Great Life as well.

William LeSassier was one of America's great herbalists and diagnosticians.  He was one of my early teachers and introduced many young herbalists to the concept of herbal energetics, the use of Chinese and little-known American herbs, his triune (triangle) system of formulation and so much more.  This website is an effort to perpetuate William's teachings which deserve to be better known and appreciated by herbalists and other CAM health professionals around the world.