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From changes to the times when plants are flowering, fruiting, and harvested, to disruptions to nature’s synchronization between plants and their insect pollinators, climate change is exerting significant pressure on the botanical supply chain, and companies have to respond.

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August, 1913 (114kb)

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December, 1912 (139kb)

January, 1913 (139kb)

February, 1913 (101kb)

March, 1913 (88kb)

April, 1913 (55kb)

May, 1913 (175kb)

June, 1913 (116kb)

July, 1913 (121kb)

Felter, H.W., MD  Reprinted from The Eclectic Medical Journal (524kb)

Lloyd Brothers (500kb)

Lloyd, J.U., Reprinted From the 1934-35 Eclectic Medical Journal (64kb)

Niederkorn, J.S., MD (Ed.), 1910 (168kb)


1904 (84kb)

Drug Treatise No. XI, 1917 (88kb)

No. XIII, 1905 (326kb)

1913 (142kb)

1904 (109kb)

(Extract From Locke's Materia Medica and Therapeutics) (68kb)

William N. Mundy, MD (370kb)

John Uri Lloyd, Reprinted From the Eclectic Medical Journal, April 1927 (32kb)


Frederick J. Locke, Harvey Wilkes Felter, M.D., & John Uri Lloyd, 1901 (768kb)

Nelson N. Titus (1.7mb)

October, 1924 (184kb)

February, 1925 (660kb)

July, 1925 (184kb)

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January 1926 (356kb)

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October, 1933 (128kb)

February, 1934 (122kb)

October, 1934 (122kb)

January, 1936 (124kb)

June, 1936 (128kb)

July, 1937 (248kb)

June, 1938 (420kb)

Revised from the Transactions of the American Eclectic Materia Medica Assoc., Arthur Weir Smith, A.M., ME [Ed.], Vol. 1, 1914 (508kb)


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Taylor, L.A. (496kb)


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