Our next grad program will begin in November of 2018 and is open only to students who have completed the two-year program.  You do not, however, need to have handed in your projects to participate in this or the Therapeutics Program.  Both classes are available to on-site and on-line students.

We will meet on Friday mornings from 10:00am - 3:00pm ET, once per month (dates to be announced at a later time).

Each month we'll have a live case history and you will be doing a full protocol to be handed in the following month.

We will also have a specific topic each month, i.e., kidney stones, MRSA, etc.

Full program information (including cost) will be sent out in July, 2018.

Both programs give a year each towards the educational requirements of professional members to the AHG.  You can also use some of the time working on these protocols towards the clinical hour requirement.