This program has been undertaken due to feedback from our graduates, who tell us they are looking for reinforcement of their triune skills, additional classes on therapeutics and further information on setting up a practice. We will meet one Friday a month, from 10:00 – 3:00 (sometimes we run over), with a 30 minute lunch break (on-siters please bring a pot luck item) starting in November, 2018 and ending in October, 2019, both live on-line and on-site in our Washington, NJ classroom.  Each class will be recorded and archived for you to review until April 1, 2020.

Classes will include:

     Live case history intakes, diagnostics and triune formulation

     Capsules of 50+ important herbs taken from the Materia Medica Notes (these were not covered in class)

     Clinical differentiation for choosing herbs

     Therapeutics classes:

           Botanical Protocols for Asthma

            The Use of Herbs and Complementary Therapies for Treating Chronic Back & Neck Pain

           Untangling the Threads: Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and its Prevention

           Herbal/Nutritional Therapies for Colds & Flu

           Botanical/Nutritional Therapies for Diabetes

           Herbal Therapies for The Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat

           Herbal Nootropics:  Botanicals for Enhancing Memory, Focus and Concentration

           Treatment of Bacterial MDR (MRSA, PRSA, VRE) with Botanical Therapies

           Brain Pain:  The Challenge of Migraines-the Herbal/Nutritional Treatment of a Chronic Neurovascular Disorder

           Setting Up Your Herbal Practice (taught by Kerry Adams)

           TCM Differentiation of Common Complaints, including Tongue Diagnosis (taught by Andrew Appello)

The cost for the on-site 2018 Therapeutics Program is $1,700.00 ($425.00 deposit due by September 1st, plus $1425.00 balance due by November 1st) or in 4 installments of $425.00 (Deposit by September 1st, February 1, May 1, August 1).

The cost for the on-line 2018 Therapeutics Program will be $1,900.00 ($475.00 deposit due by September 1st, plus $1,425.00 balance due by November 1st) or in 4 installments of $475.00 (Deposit due by September 1st, February 1, May 1, August 1). 

We will meet once a month on Friday morning from 10:00 – 3:00 (sometimes we run over) with a 30-minute break.  The schedule is as follows:

2018:  November 9, December 7

2019:  January 18 (snow date January 25), February 8 (snow date February 22), March 15 (snow date March 22), April (TBD) , May (TBD), June (TBD), July (TBD), August (TBD) , September (TBD), October (TBD).  (Unfortunately, we can’t schedule TBD dates until more of the 2019 conference dates are published, but we will do so asap!)

Many of our students have expressed an interest in this class as well as the 2018-20 archive program.  If you would like to participate in both, we can offer a $500.00 discount on the archives, making the cost $1,000.00 for both years, which can be billed in installments as well.  When you sign up for both the system will alert me (if the technology gawds are still smiling) and I’ll put in your $500.00 credit.  If your credit doesn’t appear within a few weeks – let me know please!

To sign up, simply log into your student portal.  On the landing page there is a small orange box marked Student Portal on the left.  It lists your current classes and below that there’s an option to enroll in a new class.  Simply choose the class you’d like (it only allows you to do one at a time), then submit the request(s).   If you’ve forgotten your sign in info let me know and I’ll reset it.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in class!