We are pleased to offer a 2016-17 graduate program, open only to graduates of the 2-year herbalist’s training program (you do not need to have completed your projects yet).  Our program will give you another year towards the AHG requirement of four years of study.  There are no projects due for this class and the homework is a once a month protocol for your live case histories.

We will meet one Friday a month, both online and onsite, 10:00 – 3:00 with a 30-minute break (onsiters – please bring a potluck item).

Each class will be recorded and archived for you to review.

 Class dates are:

 2016:  November 18, December 9

2017:  January 20 (snow day 1/27), February 24 (snow day 3/3), March 24, April 21, May-TBA, June 16, July 14, August 4, September-TBA, October-TBA

Classes will include:

     Monthly live case history intakes with diagnostics and triune formulation

     Understanding comparative blood work (3 classes)

     Other topics include the Safe Use of Toxic Botanicals, Treatment of Environmental Disease (2 classes), Herbal/Nutritional Approaches to Cancer Treatment, Autism-Spectrum Disorders, Herb/Drug Interactions (2 classes), Herbal Pediatrics (with Kerry Adams), Herbal Medicine and the Law (with Rich Mandelbaum)

The cost for the on-site 2016 Grad program is $1,500.00 ($375.00 deposit by Sept. 1st plus $1125.00 balance due by November 1st) or in 4 installments of $375.00 (by Sept 1st, February 1st, May 1st, August 1st).

The cost for the on-line 2016 Grad program will be $1,700.00 ($425.00 deposit by Sept. 1st plus $1275.00 balance due by November 1st) or in 4 installments of $425.00 (by Sept. 1st, February 1st, May 1st, August 1st)

Many of our students have expressed an interest in this class as well as the 2016-18 archive program, which gives you access to all the handouts, case studies and archived videos of the 2016-18 two-year program starting this September.  If you would like to participate in both, we can offer a $500.00 discount on the archives, making the cost $1,000.00 for both years, which can be added to the installments.

 On the landing page in the Student Portal box, there’s an option to enroll in a new class.  Simply choose the class you’d like (it only allows you to do one at a time), then submit the request(s).   The system will tell me and I’ll activate you as a student.  You’ll notice it will say 11/16-8/17.  That’s because I don’t have the dates yet for Sept. and Oct., 2017. 

If you don’t have log in information for the student portal, let me know and we’ll get you set up.

Thank you, and we hope to see you in class!