Starting Date

The duration of the course is 2 years. The 2020-2022 program will begin in September, 2020. Class will meet once per week, 43 weeks per each term year, on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 to 9:45 p.m. ET (includes 30 minute dinner break) on-site and on-line.



Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology.  This class is required unless you have completed college level Introduction to A&P.   There is an excellent online course taught by Tammi Sweet that meets the requirements.  Use code David100 for a discounted price.  Many community colleges offer it, too.


Interview and Acceptance Process

Completed applications will be reviewed by admissions and qualified applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview either in person, by phone, or by email.

The DW-CHS program does not deny enrollment, or make any distinction of, students regardless of race, color, creed, nationality, sexual orientation or gender. You must be 18 years of age or older to attend classes.


Certificate of Completion & Recognition

Students will be eligible to receive a certificate upon satisfactory completion of all program requirements.

The DW-CHS program meets 43 weeks out of 52 per year (5:00pm-9:45pm). Promptness, regular attendance, an active interest in work assignments, and a cooperative attitude toward the instructors and fellow students are required. We want you to succeed both in our program and after graduation.

Success is a two way street and we at DW-CHS will do our share to help you attain success through mutual commitment, cooperation & responsibility. Our philosophy is to offer a quality program providing the successful graduate with the necessary skills to understand, utilize and work effectively with herbs, nutrition, and health issues.


Grounds for Dismissal

Failure to comply with standards of conduct, failure to make up-to-date payments of tuition, excessive absence (more than 7 in one year) or chronic tardiness may result in dismissal from the program. Any other conduct which unduly interferes with the educational function of the class or which harms or threatens the welfare of the premises, its students or staff, may be cause for termination of your enrollment.