July 2019

New York Open Center

Now open to the public!  I will be teaching The Energetics of Herbs - the 10 Tastes.

Contact: NY Open Center, 83 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012, https://www.opencenter.org

07.26.19 - 07.29.19
NC Herb Association-Wild Herb Weekend

I will be the keynote speaker for the NC Herb Association and teaching classes on Adaptogens and Differential Treatment of Depression and Anxiety. 

Contact: 455 Research Drive, Mills River, North Carolina 28759,  (828) 263-6721  https://www.ncherbassociation.org/whwregistration

October 2019

10.10.19 - 10.14.19

I will be teaching at this year’s conference along with many other wonderful teachers.

Contact: AHG, P.O. Box 3076, Asheville, NC  28802-3076, 617-520-4372, office@americanherbalistsguild.com

November 2019

11.02.19 - 11.03.19
Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine

I will be teaching classes on Adaptogens, Talking Leaves, the Language of Plants and Analgesia, the Search for Effective Pain Relief.

Contact: P.O. Box 376, Washington, VA 22747, 540-937-4283, Teresa@greencomfortherbschool.com, www.greencomfortherbschool.com