The two year course in Clinical Herbalism is truly a treasure trove of information. For anyone interested in herbalism take this course you will not be sorry. David Winston is encyclopedic with his knowledge. David is very demanding, for good reasons. He only wants the best. Wait until he teaches the Native American portion of the course, you will see another side of him. The course is very well rounded: botany, chemistry, traditional uses, and the extensive materia medica. You will be sitting in class with doctors, chemists, farmers, therapists, grandmothers, plant lovers, you name it! This course was simply awesome!!!

Tiffany Robbins    /    Class of 2014

David’s two year program is very comprehensive, striking a balance introducing TCM concepts with focus on western herbalism approaches for treating the client as a whole.  The program handouts and especially information provided on the materia medica sheets are outstanding.

I really enjoyed the last few months of the course putting the knowledge to work formulating for case histories.  This program helped me establish confidence to move into professional practice.  I highly recommend this program for motivated students.

Marc Sawyer    /    Class of 2016

I am British and so I cannot become qualified as a herbalist with this course but it has given me so much that I cannot get from any UK course.

This is particularly in respect to materia medica: we have learned, in great detail, almost 300 herbs and David gives exactly what I wanted - both the energetics of the plants and the scientific research. There is a huge amount of information on how best to prepare each herb, herb-drug interactions, sourcing of raw materials, and even ecological information such as which herbs are endangered and how to grow each plant. We have learned about herbs used in Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Native American traditions.

It is easy to tell that this course has been running successfully for many years - the syllabus is clear and comprehensive and it works well as a distance course - even for those of us who watch in the midnight hours! It will take me many more years to begin to absorb the knowledge from these two years.

Elizabeth Lines    /    Class of 2014

Two years ago I considered myself an herb enthusiast equipped with Google as my then primary source of herbal knowledge.   Two years later I am able to create herbal formulas tailored for a person’s areas of concern.  Today I still remember my first day of class.  Teeming with nervous excitement I logged in from my Nicaraguan hotel room and I listened attentively as Mr. Winston’s reassuring words and command of his knowledge set the tone for the remainder of the year.  I am so grateful David Winston’s Center For Herbal Studies provides its students with an environment that is so conducive to learning despite the distance.  The live video conferencing along with the simultaneous live chat room allows you to partake in the best of both worlds.  I never would have imagined that I could have succeeded in an online program as I was used to being the student at the front of the class in a physical classroom.  Furthermore, as a 38-year old I was concerned about embarking on a new course of study and being in an unfamiliar setting.  Mr. Winston’s School is cleverly designed and taught to really make the materia medica stick in your head.  He was right when he said we would be so familiar with the herbs as we get closer to graduating.  I now find myself referring to some of the Chinese herbs by their Chinese names.  Once again I express my gratitude to have had the opportunity to learn first hand from David Winston and have shared such a productive learning environment with my peers.  Thank you.

Melba Scott    /    Class of 2016

David Winston’s Herbal Studies program has been an inexhaustible wellspring of herbal knowledge and personal enrichment. David’s commitment to preserving tradition, integrating new research, and instilling a deep sense of accountability into the practice of herbal medicine provides the framework and foundation for a well rounded program. I can wholeheartedly say this in-depth course provides fertile ground for any budding herbalist to cultivate deeper awareness and understanding of the ever evolving relationship between plants and people!

Lindsay Napolitano    /    Class of 2014

I watched a video 2 years ago on herbs and David was one of the teachers being interviewed. At that time I was searching for an herbalist program. The moment I heard David speaking about herbs and healing I knew I had found my teacher. Over the past 2 years I have learned so much. David Winston’s program approaches healing from every aspect of life. The depth of knowledge and information provided in this program is amazing whether it is anatomy, Chinese, botany, Native American or western herbal medicine, to name a few. Besides learning about herbs, I am walking away being smarter, wiser and I feel I have grown as a person. 

Much can be learned in books, yet, the program has helped me understand healing and my body at a much deeper level. Certain things cannot be learned by reading books but only can be taught by going through the experience. Thank you David for being so passionate about herbs and all your 40+ years of knowledge and wisdom! Thank you Eileen for all your hard work! I cannot say enough about this program and would highly recommend it to anyone…

…and this is why I am doing another 2 years with David Winston.

Alexandra Smith    /    Class of 2016

The wealth and breadth of information you receive from David Winston’s herbal training program is truly amazing! I found it empowering, enlightening, and feel I was given the tools I need to start using herbs effectively in my practice. David has an amazing repertoire of information to share. His class was quite literally a life-changing class for me, for I would not be doing what I’m doing today if it weren’t for his class.

Jennifer O'Hagan    /    Class of 1997

I really like and appreciate the effort involved in making it possible for me to study and be part of an herbal community from my home.  There is not much available to herbalists in this part of the country so it is a valued opportunity to learn and participate.  Oh, the miracles of the electronic age.

Kathy Hand    /    Class of 2008

Being an on-line student has been a surprisingly wonderful experience.  As all my other herbal classes have been taken in person, I was concerned that something would be lost in transmission.  I was also sad that I wouldn't have the opportunity to form the relationships with other students that have, in the past, added a special dimension to studying the green world.
I am happy to report that I was wrong on both counts!  We have a lively on-line community that truly tries to support one another.  I've gained both knowledge and wisdom from our online discussions and nothing is lost in the transmission.

Maia Toll    /    Class of 2008

When they write about the best of the American Herbalism movement in the 20th & 21st centuries, this program will be at the top.

Rene Hersey    /    Class of 2008

I love being able to attend David Winston's Herbal Therapy class remotely.
No travel, the ability to watch the videos for clarification and interacting
with classmates far and wide via the chat room are among my favorite
aspects.  Of course, if there was no remote program, I would be unable to
attend the class, so thanks for doing the online program.  One last thing.
It is great having it live rather than recordings and self paced,  as other
long distance learning programs are set up.  It gives me the structure and
discipline to be there for class and the flexibility to miss and make up if
need be!

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo    /    Class of 2008

I just can't express how much I appreciate all the hard work that has been put into this course. David's volume of knowledge and wisdom is amazing to me. The online classroom, chat room, level of assistance, quality of materials, etc, etc, are top notch. I consider myself fortunate to be part of the class.

Lori Perry    /    Class of 2012

My respect for herbal medicine has increased many folds after studying at this school.  David and other faculty members nicely combine the traditional and folk information with modern scientific research to give us a complete and practical view.  This course is already helping me a lot with my herbal supplements business.

Sandeep Agarwal    /    Class of 2012

David Winston is so much more than my most beloved herbal teacher: he shared his great love of Cherokee medicine that fueled my passion for integrating western medicine with traditional methods to truly heal the mind/body/spirit.  I remember David sharing his many stories in our classes of how he was drawn into the fields, and with a particular patient in mind, he would be drawn to the proper herb, as the plant spoke to him.  This powerful connection between us mortals and the plant kingdom has humbled me and empowered me to see that God placed everything on this glorious earth for us to love and heal each other. Thank you David, for being the catalyst to open my eyes.

Dr. Helene Leonetti    /    Class of 1999

It doesn't get much better than David and his Center for Herbal Studies. If you want a deep understanding of botanical medicines and plants, and you want it from a comprehensively scientific as well as from an ethnobotanical and spiritual perspective, there is no other person that can give that to you in the same way that David can. If you want the best education and resources that herbal medicine has to offer, you have come to the right place.

Sandy Bushberg, Ph.D.    /    Class of 2002

David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies is the highest quality education I have received.  I've been to college in the ivy league and this school is top notch with their knowledge of the latest research.  The staff is also efficient with their audio-visual materials and online interface; and last but not least David Winston integrates ancient, time-tested wisdom with the latest of scientific discovery.  Thanks for such a great experience!

Adam Berry    /    Class of 2012

About 10 years ago I met David at a trade show and wanted to take his 2 year class. Well, although it took me 10 years I am amazed at the amount of new information as well as the reinforced information that has come through David and his staff. If you want to really laern about herbs and herbal medicine take this class. it is the best organized and most comprehensive class I have taken period.

Theresa M. Girolami, M.Ac. L.Ac.    /    Class of 2012

I was thrilled when I was accepted into David Winston’s two year  Herbalist Training.  For most of my adult life I attempted to be have a healthy lifestyle and read related articles and books whenever possible.  However, I wanted a stronger foundation.  I wanted to be able to understand the whys and hows…not just the results.  The two year program gave me what I was seeking – knowledge of herbal therapeutics, knowledge and history of the variety of approaches to herbal medicine and the ability to intelligently research. I moved onto the Graduate Program because I wanted to understand the ways to use and combine the herbs to form treatments.
Although I did not take the courses to become a registered herbalist, I am now and will always be a student promoting the positive impacts of alternative(original!) medicine practices. Family and friends have received the benefit of my knowledge and training. I have found the avocation that I was seeking.  And, who knows, maybe one day, with continued training, I will hang out that shingle!

Sally Handlon    /    Class of 2008

I really appreciate the depth and breadth of the materia medica in
this course, as well as specific indications for herbs. It has really
helped refine my practice and in situations has helped me to choose
the more appropriate, and, therefore, effective herb.

Deborah Fritter    /    Class of 2012

I am very fortunate in having David as my teacher.  He not only instructed me about the way of plants but also about life.

Jean Murphy    /    Class of 2010

David's course gave me the skills to really feel confident as an Herbalist. Outstanding instruction from a top-notch faculty!

Bryan Thomson-DiPalma    /    Class of 2010

As an Advanced Practice Nurse, it was an honor to study herbal therapeutics with David Winston.  We are so blessed to have an international expert teaching here in New Jersey.  What impressed me most about David was his ability to accurately and comprehensively discuss both the Western/traditional diseases and treatment options, as well as the Eastern/non-traditional approaches to health.   David is one of the most knowledgable teachers I"ve had in 26 years of nursing.  

Grace Reilly, RN, BSN, MSN, APN    /    Class of 2002

I graduated from David's course in 1998 and have been a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild since 2003, and to this day I am grateful that David's course provided me exactly the foundation and guidance I needed for the serious pursuit of herbal knowledge.

Richard Mandelbaum, RH(AHG)    /    Class of 1998

David Winston's approach to teaching about herbs is solid and grounded.  You will reference it throughout your herbal journey.Whether you take the class to help your family and friends or choose to practice clinically or integrate it into your health and wellness practice or business it will lay a strong foundation for you. The herbal community that is available through this connection is also wonderful. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to graduate from his two year program and to continue learning from him.

Julie Miller    /    Class of 2002

Every week for two years, I had a date with my teacher, David Winston, the herbs & myself of course I was also Blessed to be with other students who were journeying down the same road- who have become like family to me).  This class provided me with what I needed to know to use my herbs in a more knowledgeable way. I learned the science behind the herbs, materia medica, how to prepare my herbs appropriately; I learned how to create a comprehensive herbal formula to support my client's health using the concepts of energetics of the herbs as well as the tastes of the herbs. I learned how to do this safely & confidently! I loved the fact that we had two projects to as well as part of our requirements for obtaining our diplomas; it helped me to marry my two loves of Midwifery & Herbs. When I have a question, I still review that project with a smile on my face & gratitude for having done these projects. I have a strong foundation to speak from-this developed as a result of sitting in class every Tuesday and absorbing knowledge- not found in a book, for David is always researching and sharing his newly found knowledge with his students.

Trish DeTura, RN, Midwife, Cert RA Maya Abdominal Therapist    /    Class of 2006

I have been so fortunate to have been in David Winston's class. I am constantly amazed at the amount of knowledge David has on any number of given subjects. He has been so helpful in so many different situations and to have him as a resource is priceless. And I must say, when he tells a story, I get chills.

Lataya Howard    /    Class of 2010

David has taught me and expanded my knowledge with this class.  I have not only learned about what the herbs do but also how to put it together in a formula which I have not learned with my other teachers.  Without taking his class I would not be practicing herbal medicine with pets and people today.  I am glad I have found his school to be able to learn from someone with his expertise and knowledge.

Jeanette Costa    /    Class of 2010

The wealth of knowledge presented by David through the Center for Herbal Studies is truly amazing.  It has expanded my pharmacy practice by adding insight into the traditional roots of medicine as well as nutritional and lab work analysis.  I am able to answer questions and offer advice with a new confidence

Anita Schweizer, RPh    /    Class of 2010

My 3 years at DWCHS have given me the knowledge and confidence to begin teaching others how to make positive changes in their health. The courses are a perfect blend of extensive worldwide materia medica, formulation, Q&A, live case studies, and much more. I am truly grateful for this unique and in-depth learning experience.

Karla Parker    /    Class of 2010

David's 2 year Herbal Studies was the ABSOLUTE best class ever.  It is so much more than studying the herbs.  His knowledge and effective communication of the plants and their uses is amazing.  He is truly brilliant and I am proud to say that I studied with him.

Brenda Sahlin, DC    /    Class of 2010

David Winston's program has exceeded my expectations as a student. The online program makes me feel as if I'm actually in class, with access to a chat room, the ability to ask questions, and good tech support. David's wealth of knowledge and willingness to share his experience provides a solid foundation for anyone who has an interest in herbal medicine. The materia medica of more than 300 herbs is extremely thorough and an invaluable reference. David not only gives us an understanding of the herbs themselves, but of physiology, how the energetics of the body and herbs work, and reviews of pertinent clinical studies throughout the program. And above all, David has taught us that good herbalists treat people, not diseases.

Sue Bara    /    Class of 2012

     My experience with David Winston's online clinical herbalism course was fantastic! David is thorough, professional and honest about his knowledge and experience with the herbal world. The Materia Medica was extensive and very comprehensive. His ability to compile massive amounts of clinical and historic information on the uses, contraindications, dosages along with climate and anecdotes on the 100's of herbs in the materia medica is a continued wonder to me. I honor his dedication to the preservation and expansion of Herbalism and over the 3 years of study with him have grown to trust his opinion which was always clearly stated if it was either his opinion and/or based on some experience or clinical trials.
     His clarity and dedication are to be commended. I highly recommmend this course.

Beth Power    /    Class of 2009

The measure of a school and a teacher is how well they prepare you for your profession.  David Winston, in Japan, would be a "national treasure".  His broad base of
multi-cultural herbal knowledge, and especially the Cherokee, is unique.  He is simply encyclopedic in his ability to access his years of learning and answer any
question.  His teaching method is infectious curiosity,  well-organized units that build on each other, and that culminate in an excellent preparation for clinical
practice:  how to do effective case histories, how to put together effective and balanced herbal formulas, how to use nutrition / supplementation / mind & physical
therapie/s and lifestyle changes to pull together an excellent Protocol for your client.
Serious, and jam-packed as each class is, you leave each class inspired and excited.  And, David has an excellent sense of humor.
I am constantly reminded of how David Winston is held up for special respect in the world of herbalists whenever I go to important herbal conferences.  He is in constant
demand as a regular guest lecturer at herb and naturopathic schools of higher learning here in the States and around the world. 
I am a graduate of David's school and graduate clinical course, and have my professional designation from the American Herbalists Guild.  I have been in practice since 1996, and at age 70, in 2012, am moving to Key West and closing my practice.  David's excellent school enabled me to help a lot of people along the way.

Constance Miller    /    Class of 1997

I started the herbalist training program at David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies in 2008 with only a very basic understanding of natural healing and herbalism. I can honestly say that I was astounded at the education I received not only on 400+ plants, their therapeutic uses and botanical make-up, but through David's incredible knowledge of diseases and their treatments. His clinical expertise blended with his ability to bridge the gap between western medicine and traditional systems provides an invaluable, real-world approach to treating clients who are often working with practitioners from both areas. The field of herbalism is vast but David's program pulls it together in a way that gave me confidence to start my own practice soon after graduating. To anyone who wants an intense, comprehensive study of herbalism, I recommend these program without hesitation.

Wendy Whiting    /    Class of 2010

In the course of my studies in botanical medicine over the last 8 years, I have been exposed to a number of exceptional teachers and practitioners. None more exceptional than David whose vast knowledge and passionate dedication to herbal medicine has inspired those us lucky enough to have studied with him.  He is a treasured resource.

Bob Turchyn    /    Class of 2010

I've always been a student, but David gave me an important foundation for learning. His approach to plant medicine using an energetic system of formulation is invaluable. My life wouldn't be the same in my practice, the woods and fields or business without my teachers. Thanks to David and the Plants.

David Harder, RH (AHG)    /    Class of 1998

David's herbal studies class is THE most valuable educational experience I have had in my lifetime. The knowledge I have gained from this class has inspired me to continue to pursue my goal of vibrant good health into the wiser years, and to be a source of information to help others who come to me for advice to do the same.  I will be a student of herbal studies and related topics for the rest of my life. Thank you, David, for this gift of knowledge of the gifts and medicines from the earth.

Elizabeth Stevens    /    Class of 2010

The grad program has been an amazing addition to the two-year program.  It sharpened the focus and pulled so many things together on specific topics.  I feel like this really deepened my understanding and gave me the foundation for a lot more practical application.  I'm truly grateful to David and everyone else who made this program happen!  It's been a remarkable experience.

Timothy Whittemore    /    Class of 2010

This is a highly professional school which helps to develop knowledgeable, responsible, and effective clinical herbalists.

Lorraine M. Harwelik    /    Class of 2012

David’s herbal studies program is a wealth of information. Becoming a certified herbalist is an invaluable addition to my nutrition practice.

Leslie Weinman    /    Class of 2016

This is an exceptional, well-structured course on the systematic use of herbs to improve health.  Although I am a former chemistry-teacher and current engineer, I had been studying herbal medicine independently for nearly 15 years before taking this course.  My goal was to gain some additional background in order to teach about the medicinal uses of herbs.   The two-year course has sparked my interest to the point where I am now interested in seeing clients.  I have long regarded herbs as far more than alternative medicine; they should be a significant part of mainstream medicine.  This course goes a long way toward making that happen.  The use of standard medical terminology, scientific evidence, and a comprehensive, systematic approach makes this course a rigorous, solid foundation upon which to build your skills.  Most importantly, however, David’s rational, evidence-based approach and extensive experience keep the course exciting while equipping the students with the skills necessary to properly evaluate research  and think about herbal medicine critically and objectively.

Andrew Snyder    /    Class of 2014

From David Winston I learned an impeccable integrity of practice, demanding standards of looking at the whole person, and intimate knowledge of a 300-plant materia medica. Our class, whether on-site or on-line, has been a community, puzzling together over our triune formulas and case histories. This is an international web of students--from a dozen countries--present in the classroom over our two or three years together.  In class we learned the heart and landscape of David’s unique experience with herbs from Eastern, Native American, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Middle Eastern herbal traditions.   David stands out as a synthesizer and innovator of healing traditions and disciplines, a master teacher in herbal practice, an historian of the Eclectic and Physiomedicalist movements that shaped American herbal practice.  As a founding member of the American Herbalist Guild, he helped lay the foundation, standards of practice, and educational mission that supports the growth of herbal practice in the United States. 

Joan OBrien    /    Class of 2016

This online/live course has been fantastic. It has allowed me to keep up with my very busy practice and allowed me to sharpen my skills without having to travel.
It has been a blessing to me and to all of my patients as well. David has a wealth of knowledge, is a great teacher and the handouts are excellent resource materials.
I am thrilled to have had this opportunity.

Dr. Cindee Gardner    /    Class of 2008

My three years studying with David Winston have, truly, catapulted my ability to assess and provide remediation to the patients I serve.  As a naturopathic physician, my capacity for success is solely dependent upon the knowledge I've gained and the application of that knowledge.  David's classes have elevated my talents to a level that would not have been possible without his tutelage.  Although I've attained a formidable educational background in natural health from many different institutions, David's program is at the forefront of clinical relevance and application to me and my patients.  In my opinion, it is the best program available in botanical medicine.

Glenn B. Gero, N.D., R.N.C., M.H., C.E.S., C.L.C    /    Class of 2004

We have two communities, onsite and online, which join together every week in the classroom but I never feel like I'm "learning at a distance". On the contrary, thanks to the live chat, I  feel as though I'm right there in class.  Everything has been done so well and so carefully by the school that, even though this is the first time the class has been offered online, I think it's been very successful.  I feel really  privileged to have been part of this class.

Lesley Raeside    /    Class of 2008

David Winston is a living national treasure in herbal medicine, and his knowledge of herbs from each of the major herbal traditions is unexcelled.  He combines a practitioner's experience with an understanding of how to get the optimal benefit from several hundred worldwide herbs.  Most importantly he has come up with a way of bridging the different energetic systems of Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Native American and European herbal traditions so that herbs from each can be intelligently combined in a single formula. I know of no other herbal program that deals with this extensive a worldwide materia medica in such depth.

Karen Vaughan, MSTOM, RH (AHG)    /    Class of 2008