As you know, webcasting our class live has given our students the ability to view the taped archives of each class.  In turn, we are pleased to be able to offer our graduates this same opportunity, at a significantly reduced cost.  Each week you will have access to the taped broadcast of class as well as the electronic handouts.

It is a wonderful opportunity to not only review the class and get the latest information each week on your own schedule, but you’ll also have access to new and updated downloadable handouts, including materia medica sheets, articles by David, presentations by guest speakers, and much more.

Some comments from past archivers:

“Having the archive program available was helpful in reviewing the information and going back to points that I had not grasped the first time around.  David is also on top of the research and developments, so there is also new information and more to learn and you can benefit from having the latest handouts, materia medica and David's papers.  It’s also convenient to be able to watch on my phone or ipad at my convenience.                                                                                                                                               Ana Gross

"Having attended David Winston's program was an absolutely exhilarating experience. How Blessed I felt each week to be in his classroom . But as we all know, there are times on our journey in life where you cannot grasp all the info you need, so you come back to it. At the very least, that had been my level of intention, but it did not become my reality until I made a commitment to do the on-line review. I recognized my deficits & have had an opportunity to work on them. In addition to this, I was Blessed to receive all of David's updates. As we all know, David is always continuing to grow himself & he shares it with us all."                                        Trish DeTura  

“As a participant in the On-Site 2004-2006 Herbal Therapeutics School of Botanical Medicine Class I was quite pleased to have an opportunity towards furthering my knowledge, application, and understanding of Botanical Medicine-Herbal Arts with the Inaugural 2006-2008 DWCHS On-line Program. The experience of an additional two years of intense course work with David Winston was an invitation to be embraced-- especially since the school has now embarked towards the 'internet age' with cutting edge graphics, interactive real time question and discussion periods, herbal-tours and a student forum second to none.  In addition, as selected among a mere handful of graduates from previous NJ Classes to participate in a new adventure--an on-line learning classroom--I had the pleasure of watching, listening, and learning regardless of questionable attire, or whether my auto was filled with petrol. What an innovative concept!                     Benjamin K. Davis DC, Pac., FIAMA, DAAPM

The cost of this program is $1,500.00 for the entire two years and there is an installment plan available.  Students who are also taking the Therapeutics or Grad program will receive a $500.00 discount.

If you already have the ability to log into the student portal you will be able to enroll for this class (as well as the Therapeutics class).  If you are not a member of the student portal, please send your name and contact information (email, physical address, phone #, graduation year) to us and we will get you set up.